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To be the worldwide technological leader in real-time data analysis for driving optimization.

At FuelSave, we work to make the world a more efficient, safer and less polluted place to live. We’re building a future where data can be leveraged to serve businesses, create value, and improve quality of life.



"The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.”

Dennis Gabor, Nobel Prize in Physics

65 million kms of data collected.

Over the past two decades, engineering has pushed software to a level where worldwide deployment at scale is possible and able to deal with the enormous volumes of data it creates.

Fuelsave’s background is in engineering, vehicle dynamics, signal processing and data analysis. We are leveraging our own know-how and augmenting our impact with this heritage as well as some emerging technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We gather and process data in real time; the range of content that can be generated is ridiculously wide and latency is ridiculously short, content and actions that, in turn, can be used in different business domains.

Moreover, content is necessarily associated with vehicles, people, cargo and location, therefore enters the domain of Location Intelligence. We are blending this network of trucks and content with enriched mapping to generate useful insights for future products. We are developing pragmatic tools to improve motion efficiency and Autonomous Driving is in our path.

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Heavy Duty and Logistics moves the world.

There is not a single product that reaches either homes or businesses without travelling by truck. Where mobility is the single biggest consumer of non-renewable energy, road transportation is its biggest influencer. By optimizing driving we are creating a world that operates efficiently.

In Europe, 146 billion liters of diesel are consumed every year by heavy duty trucks alone, and these emit around 391 megatons of CO2 to the atmosphere. 569 truck drivers were killed last year in road accidents. The problem is real!


Road Transportation moves the world forward.
We want to make it safer and more efficient.

FuelSave taps into a major problem - that of inefficient road transportation with hazardous gas emissions. Last year, 146 billion litres of diesel were consumed in Europe by heavy duty trucks, and this year it will increase another 6%. This is an area where the trend should undoubtedly be downwards.

Efficiency Road Transportation is not nascent. The leading vehicle manufacturers around the world invest heavily every year to make systems and road engineering more efficient. Nevertheless, efficiency improvements have reached a plateau over the past 20 years; improvements of more than 2% per year are a thing of the past.

At FuelSave we’re tackling this important issue, but producing much better results. Trucks connected to our systems are 20% more efficient than the average. This because we are not improving truck efficiency, but driving efficiency. Every month, each connected truck saves 750 liters per month, and we’re only getting started.

We develop and deploy technology solutions for real-time data analysis for driving optimization. This is either as finished software products, technology stacks for multi-platform integration or data services.

We are the first movers into market, and everyone else is following. We believe that data businesses have an inherent defensibility through accumulated know-how and information gathered from their own data. FuelSave is no exception, having considerable know-how and experience in creating value of the data that is collected every second from each truck.

We believe in creating a venture for the long term. Looking to the future, we believe that electric vehicles and autonomous fleets will create new and untapped opportunities: vehicle refitting and staff readjustment requires substantial amounts of data and business intelligence. We’re building a future where data can be leveraged to serve businesses, create value, and improve quality of life.

Now we’re looking for team players to join us on this endeavour!

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